Census 1881

Household of James Mitchell, Shaw Street, Stainland Cum Old Lindley, 1881

James Mitchell (31) is married to Mary Pedley (30), they have two children Robert (7) and Olive (4).
Living with them are Mary's widower father Matthew Pedley (53) and her brother and sisters Clara (18), Sopha (15), Edgar (13) and Lily (10).

Matthew is retired, Clara and Sopha are worsted weavers, James is a domestic gardener. The children aged 10 and under are still at school.

Mary's other brothers are not present: Matthew (junior), Joe, Randolph, Henry. From 1905 photos we know that Joe and Henry were alive at this date.

Name Relation Married Gender Age Place of Birth Occupation
James Mitchell Head M M 31 Todmorden, York, England Shuttle Maker For Looms Spin Machines.
Mary Mitchell Wife M F 30 Shipley, York, England
Robert Mitchell Son U M 7 Bradford, York, England Scholar
Olive Mitchell Daughter U F 4 Bradford, York, England Scholar
Matthew Pedley Father in law W M 53 Linton In Craven, York, England Retired Manufacturer
Clara Pedley Sister in law U F 18 Bradford, York, England Worsted Weaver
Sopha Pedley Sister in law U F 15 Bradford, York, England Worsted Weaver
Edgar Pedley Brother in law U M 13 Bradford, York, England Gardener Domestic
Lily Pedley Other U F 10 Bradford, York, England Scholar