Navy Diary 1943

Ralph Pedley's 1943 World War 2 Navy Diary & Photos

World War 2

WW2 Royal Navy Landing Craft Diary

This was the only diary that Ralph kept from his wartime service in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve.  It was a very eventful year

  • Training on Tank Landing Craft in Scotland.
  • Transporting army vehicles along the North African coast.
  • Invasion of Pantelleria.
  • Invasion of Sicily. Landing craft hit by a bomb.
  • Invasion of mainland Italy.
  • Wrecked by storms.

Read Ralph's World War 2 navy diary (.pdf document)

WW2 Royal Navy Photos

These photos were taken by Ralph during his World War 2 service in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve. They include some of the events in his 1943 diary.

World War 2 Royal Navy photos web album


Town class destroyer

Tank Landing Craft LCT 300

Infantry Landing Craft LCI 161